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3 financial planning tips for the self employed


Self-employed workers are the beating heart of the Australian economy. From small business owners to freelancers, over 17 per cent of the workforce is made up of these hard-working individuals, according to Independent Contractors Australia. That's 2 million Australians who…

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What tax deductions can I claim on renovating my rental?


Are you wondering about the benefits of property investment in the Whitsunday Shire? There may be golden opportunities to stow away your wealth for the long-term, or help you save towards some other financial goal. As part of this, savvy…

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Walking you through your superannuation statement


While we hope it’s not true, the story goes that when most people get their annual superannuation statement, they throw it into the bin. But your super statement is not just any old piece of paper – it’s essential for understanding…

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A brief explanation of the budget’s Age Pension changes


If you kept a close eye on this year's federal budget – or if you've been reading about superannuation and financial planning on our blog – you would have at least heard that there are changes to how Age Pension…

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