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Personal finances the biggest cause of stress in Australia


While the Australian lifestyle is one not often related with stress, it seems many of us have emotional tensions that run deep under the surface – particularly when it comes to our finances. According to a new piece of research…

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What you need to know about Easter and financial matters


The arrival of late March means the sight of the Easter bunny bounding over the horizonĀ is imminent. Which size chocolate egg you’re going to buy shouldn’t be the sole financial decision you make this month, however. You might not realise…

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To buy or not to buy? That is the question


You may have been considering property investment in the Whitsunday Shire or taking out your first home loan in the region. It's a substantial step, and those who currently rent will be weighing up their options. Many consider renting to…

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What are SMSF concessional contributions?


What are concessional contributions? And is there are cap on how much my employer can add to my SMSF? Here’s what you need to know. Self-managed super funds (SMSF) can be a great way to take a hands-on approach to…

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5 reasons why property investment is the way to go


Property investment is lucrative, has lots of tax deductions involved and is relatively straightforward. Perhaps that’s why it’s so popular. There are many different types of assets out there, but it seems real estate is one of the most popular….

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