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How does life insurance and income protection work?


Whatever your thoughts on your current job, it's unlikely you can survive without it. But what happens if you become unable to work? In the worst-case scenario, what if you die and your family is left to maintain a comfortable…

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Top 4 property investment tax deductions


You've found a mortgage broker in Proserpine, Airlie Beach or another part of the Whitsunday Shire, and gotten your hands on an investment property. You're well on the road to putting in a solid financial framework for your future. But…

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5 ways to save more for retirement


Building a retirement nest egg is easily the longest savings exercise you'll ever do. While the superannuation system is a passive way to save money for your golden years, some experts believe the amounted fund won't be enough in the…

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How does mortgage broking work?


If you're looking to invest in the property market, either as a way to make money or simply for a new family home, you'll want to maximise your budget. Entrance into the property market is expensive, with legal fees, deposits…

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