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How can you make yourself an attractive borrower?


Do you know what it takes to make yourself an attractive borrower? We aren't talking about a good attitude and a winning smile when you visit your mortgage broker. It's all about making sure you present yourself as a trustworthy…

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What is your appetite for risk?


Movies like The Wolf of Wall Street show us the good, the bad and the plain ugly sides of investing. With Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio) fuelling a life of excess that collapsed due to his radical stock broking. While the characters…

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What you need to know about managed funds


If you're thinking of investing your money into a wealth-creation strategy, there are two main routes you can choose to go down. You can have your investments controlled professionally by a fund manager or you can do it yourself. You…

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Are you beating back the investment scammers?


Property and superannuation have a great deal of money sunk into them in Australia. In fact, by the end of last year, the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia reported that there was about $2 trillion in super assets in…

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Why should graduates be thinking about retirement?


Australians are an educated bunch. Almost one million Australians went through University in 2014, according to government statistics, which shows how many of us are choosing to invest in our education – and often before we have any funds to do…

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