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Life Insurance and Income Protection

None of us can see into the future. No matter what plans we make, the only thing we can guarantee is that things will turn out differently to what we expected.

But just because life is unpredictable doesn’t mean we’re powerless. Having plans in place to deal with the hurdles and tests that lie further along the path we’re on is a crucial and necessary part of life.

Eclipse Financial Services offers life insurance and income protection insurance in the Whitsunday Shire. Whether you’re in Airlie Beach, Collinsville or Bowen, we can provide you with the insurance product to financially protect you, your family and your business against death, disability and major illness.

Why are life insurance and income protection important?

Having income protection and life insurance in Cannonvale and other areas of the Whitsunday Shire is all about being prepared. While you may not be able to prevent unforeseen events from happening, with the right arrangements in place, you can help ensure you successfully weather the turbulence.

No matter if you’re the sole breadwinner or part of a couple, it’s important to ask yourself: What would happen if I became ill or injured and needed to take time off work – or worse, if I passed away? Would you be able to support yourself? Would your family be able to continue to make ends meet?

Unfortunately, illness and injury can strike unexpectedly and at any moment. Whether a sporting injury leaves you unable to carry out a physical task integral to your job, or a sudden illness means you can’t work anymore, through no fault of your own you can end up unable to earn the income you need to live. And even though work stops, the bills, mortgage repayments and living expenses don’t – you’re still going to need to buy groceries and pay for the power.

By arranging your income protection in the Whitsunday Shire through Eclipse Financial Services, your chosen insurer will provide regular payments that cover the income you’ve lost in this period. This can be especially useful for self-employed and small business owners, who can’t rely on short-term sick leave from their employer or receive workers’ compensation.

Likewise, while we all dream of living a long, full healthy life, it’s impossible to make that guarantee. In the event that something cuts this dream short, you want the assurance that your loved ones will be looked after when you’re gone.

Eclipse Financial Services can give you this peace of mind by arranging life insurance in Collinsville, Prosperine, Bowen and surrounding areas. The death of a loved one is always a trying time – with insurance in place, your family won’t need to go through it while also worrying about money.

Getting your income protection and life insurance from Eclipse

Sitting down with our friendly, local team means we’ll come up with a unique package individually tailored to your personal and/or business structure. When you book an appointment to discuss your options, we will discuss a range of issues in a number of steps.

First we will establish your particular situation by finding out your assets and debts, income and expenses, business structure and any risks, if you’re self-employed. We will also assess your family makeup and support network.

Next, we will use this information to work out your requirements. We will explain which covers you need and calculate the right level of cover for your situation.

After all this, we will compare over eight different life insurance companies’ policies to find the package that’s most suitable for you and your circumstances. We will take into account the affordability of the recommended level of cover, and may suggest reducing it in order to help you meet the cost.

Applying for a policy is only a matter of completing the application paperwork and supporting documents, and submitting them to the life insurance company. From here, we will guide you through the medical underwriting process.

Our friendly team are all locals in the Whitsunday Shire and know the area inside and out. We understand your particular needs, and can suggest the appropriate type and level of cover to help ensure you and your family will be properly taken care of.

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